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Brave & True Class 1.0


You have to be brave to be in middle school. I also find that middle school girls are pretty true to who they are….hence the name of this class. I adore these girls and am so amazed by their courage and candor. We had our second class last night and I was stunned by a statement they collectively gave in our discussion. When it comes to the struggles of middle school—-girl drama specifically—they want us to LISTEN. Not try to solve the issue or offer advice…just listen. This takes me back to the tween/teen years when I offered unsolicited advice to my own daughters. How I wish I could go back and practice what these precious little humans taught me tonight. Just being heard is the greatest gift of all.

This class fulfills my teacher persona…I miss my middle schoolers, but this is just the experience I need to feel like I’m making a difference and helping them navigate these tough waters. I’m so impressed with who they’re becoming and where they’re going…so many amazing horizons ahead for these young ladies. This is NOT an easy time to be a tween (and I constantly tell them how impressed I am with their ability to deal—-I couldn’t have done social media at this stage of development). They want strategies, but they also want us to acknowledge the hard stuff in this era of our history. It’s tough sledding and I tell them so.

Here’s to helping girls realize their potential and recognizing their gifts and strength. I’m getting the feeling that whatever job I do, this is my life’s mission…I can’t think of anything more important.



Lara Blair