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One of the best things we can do for our children -Washington and Oregon portrait photographer


How do you teach your children to be true to themselves? You show them how true you are to yourself.

Our offspring are watching. Not only are they paying attention when we put ourselves down (or desire another version of ourselves), they are also observing when we lament about the weight that needs to be shed, complain about wrinkles and gray, or fail to release toxic relationship that plague us. It’s all being played out on the big screen of our children’s upbringing. Other possible intercepted messages (intentional or unintentional) include: the family’s needs will always come before mine, self-care is selfish and expensive or I must ask for permission when following my dreams.

I list these thoughts because they’re familiar to me. Yet, I did receive a wonderful gift recently. My daughters opened my eyes to how much they really are paying attention. This year on Mother’s Day I received notes from both of them telling me that when I follow what the heart wants (with a plan of course, I’m not reckless), it inspires them to do the same. I’m starting to see that life’s seasons open up the gates to possibility, and if we put our ears to the ground, dream out loud and follow our curiosities, we just might find the path we belong to. And that, dear friends, is a great message to permeate the air in your home where kids are navigating their own journey.

Up to age 40, I was a “ask permission” kind of person…a rule follower…an obsessive “but what will they think?” kind of human. Something happened with midlife that has completely taken me by surprise. I’ve learned to create plans with steps and dreams with phases and then try to communicate them the best I can. It’s a “this is what would really make me happy, I would love your support” type of thing, rather than a “I’ll upset the apple cart…it’s not worth it” kind of thing. It’s new to me, but this second skin feels so much more comfortable than the last one. I’ve never been a rudder-less boat caught in a riptide, but I certainly have been a train barreling down the tracks unable to stop when the rail split into two directions. I just needed to put a capable conductor up front. Check and check.

I do want to say that part of being true to yourself is SEEING yourself as you are. That is where getting portraits taken comes in. It’s so important to value what you’ve got, not to mention the “feeling like a queen” part (because we’re really good at that in the studio). We do not take this lightly—this part of helping you see yourself in a new light. I think it’s downright crucial to be able to see the best version of yourself, especially in midlife when women of this age are not represented anywhere. It brings confidence and appreciation…celebration, even. 


Don’t weight.

I had a friend recently tell me that she wants to lose a few and feel better about herself before she has her portraits taken. My response was, What if this session actually helped you do that? What if these images we create together are the bridge to getting you there? I know how to make a woman look amazing at whatever stage she’s in. I believe this experience can be that monumental. Yes, this is a challenge. :)


Let’s capture the truest you that ever was. 

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