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Southwest destination photo shoot - Washington and Oregon photographer


There are places that bring out the best in us.

My special place is not where I grew up, went to college or even exposed to early in life. I found New Mexico on my own and I feel like it’s truly part of my soul—-can’t explain it (don’t feel I need to) and have embraced it fully. My dear friend (my “person”), Cecilia, and I go to Taos and Santa Fe every year and soak up all the enchantment we can. This year we included a photo shoot that I’ve been dreaming of for years. Georgia O’Keeffe (my spirit animal) figured out how magical the Southwest was and I just followed her lead. 

The light is different there…the terrain rugged and red…and the model we captured was stunning and confident. It was one of the most lovely evenings I’ve ever spent with a camera in my hand. Denise posed like a champ in all of the scenes we drug her through, lifting up a very heavy red dress to avoid the dust. We talked, connected and shared this experience together with the twilight shadows swirling around us. I just felt so grateful to be shooting in my favorite place with such a lovely person.


I will be doing destination shoots in the Southwest…most likely in Taos, Santa Fe and Ghost Ranch. At this point I can’t NOT do it! If you are interested in flying in for this experience or if you live in the Southwest and want to join in the fun, we would love to have you. 

Please email me if you’d like more information sent to you when we have the details ready to go.

Lara Blair